Publications for Sale by the Society

BIBLE RECORDS OF RED RIVER CO. TX GENEALOGICAL MEMBERS, VOLUME I, soft cover, every name index, 173 pages. Price $18.00 plus $1.35 tax plus $3.50 shipping and handling.

This volume contains Bible Records of the following families: Meyer, Lee, Turk, Myers, McCain, Low, Jones, McCuiston, Hall, Johnson, Pinson, Young, Strawn, Turner, Rose, Seale, Smith, Claiborne, Williams, Dyers, Strange, Benton and Hufford.

Red River County is one of the oldest counties in Texas and was a major entry into Texas in the early days of statehood. Therefore, Bible record books such as this, are quite valuable as a research tool.

Order from:
      Red River Co. TX Gen Society
      P. O. Box 516
      Clarksville, TX 75426-2720
Note, only a limited number of these are still available.

Publications For Sale by Members

  • Red River County in 1890 — The Year of the Missing Census new book by Johnie Lee

  • It Happened in Post Oak (or thereabouts) by Johnie Lee

  • Books by Martha Sue Stroud:
    These books are a must for those who love Texas history.

    "Gateway to Texas-History of Red River County" is a burgundy hard back with gold lettering on the spine and a dust jacket with a picture of the Court House. There are 19 chapters, 446 pages, many pictures,and a great index. It begins in 1684 and ends with a chapter of 24 interviews with people advanced in age telling of their experiences. (They are all deceased now.)

    The sequel, "For Love of Country-the Price of Freedom," is a navy blue hardback with gold lettering, and a great dust jacket with the American Flag. It has 567 pages, 14 chapters, many pictures. It covers bygone days, the Civil War, WWI (24 interviews with veterans or their families), WWII (500 interviews with veterans or their families.)

    Each book is $29.95 and both may be bought for $50.00 plus shipping charge of $5.00 per book. Send orders to:
          Martha Sue Stroud
          514 Baylor Drive
          Greenville, TX 75402
          Telephone (903) 455-2624; email stroudms@yahoo.com

  • Burials, Cemetery and Death Records of Red River County, TX by Lawrence and Sue Dale

  • Obituaries from the Detroit News Herald (1928-1936 and 1941-1956) by Lawrence and Sue Dale

  • Obituaries from the Deport Times (1911-1950) by Lawrence and Sue Dale

  • Red River County Cemeteries, vol 1-7 by Bertha Gable

  • "Reflections of Red River County 1830's - 1890" by Marion Butts
    A history of the county, beginning with the earliest settlements; Covers steamboat traffic, transportation, local involvement in the Civil War and reconstruction, the building of the railroads and the courthouse; Soft cover; 53 pages;
    $16, includes shipping and taxes. Send order to:
          M. R. Butts
          P.O. Box 1232
          Clarksville, TX 75426

  • New book - Country Schools in Red River County - The book is a compilation of country schools, with related history, which existed in Red River County from 1834 until 1978. Included are 132 schools with names and locations identified on a 17 by 24 inch 1936 Red River County road map. Approximately sixty additional schools, with some history, are included. The primary purpose of the book is to preserve the memory of the country schools and location of as many as possible. This is a self published, 7 X 10 hard cover book with approximately 120 pages with about 50 illustrations, most being old school photos. It was a very limited edition, and a second printing is unlikely. Many have been sold, and only a few remain. The price is $39, including sales tax. Total cost, including shipping and handling: $44.00 Anyone interested in a copy may contact the author:
          Harold E. Norris
          4633 Firestone Drive
          Frisco, Texas 75034
          Email at haroldenorris@sbcglobal.net