Wish List

The Society is looking for these books, some of which are now out of print:

  • Early Days In Red River County -- by Claude V. Hall (1929)
  • Memories of Cuthand, Red River County Texas -- by Houston Latimer
  • History of Texarkana and Bowie & Miller Counties TX-AR (by Barbara Chandler & J. Ed Howe, Texarkana, 1939
  • Parchman: A Record of the Descendants of Aquilla and John Parchman" by Ragle (1975)
  • "Looking Back" by B. P. Moody
  • "My People Found Homes in the Red River Valley" by Emma Guest Borne; publ. by Story Book Press, Dallas, TX
  • "A Pioneer Farmer's Daughter of the Red River Valley" by Emma Guest Borne (1950); publ. by Story Book Press
  • "Migrations into East TX - 1835-1860" - by Barnes F. Lathrop; publ. by TX State Hist. Assn. (1949)
  • supposed name of book: "Douglas, Issaca and/or Avery -- 1876 - 1905" said to have been in Clarkville Library at one time, but not found.

Newspaper Project

Many old newspapers have been lost and with them lots of history not found anyplace else. The society's current goal is to find any old papers who still exist and get them microfilmed so the information will be retained for others to see. If you think you know of any old existing newspapers, please get in touch with the society.

Since we are on a very small budget we also need help with funding. Donations are accepted at all times.

Current List of Newspapers Located and Available(Updated February, 2006)